• Healthy Choices for Skincare + Cosmetics

    Did you know the average woman uses 12 skincare and beauty products containing 168 different ingredients daily?

    Many of the ingredients and chemicals in our cosmetics and body products are designed to penetrate the skin’s inner layers, which then enter into our body. Don’t believe it? This is the mechanism of how pain and nicotine patches work (transdermally). Among some ingredients found in our system: industrial plasticizers, phthalates, parabens and persistent fragrance components.
  • There’s Always Time for Tea

    Matcha Green Tea + Body Care. Matcha is the highest quality powdered green tea available. It’s made from nutrient-rich young tea leaves and has been used in Japanese tea ceremony for over 900 years! Buddhist monks honor matcha as a health elixir for its potential to heighten concentration and also improve metabolism.
  • Manage Eczema Naturally - Tips to Stop the Itch!

    Tips to Manage Eczema
  • How to Have a Mosquito-Free Summer

    Natural Alternatives to Toxic Mosquito Repellents
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