Our Story

I started on the natural wellness journey based on a personal need due to a rare autoimmune disorder affecting my connective tissue.

I was certain that many conventional products I used and foods I ate contributed to the ever-increasing severity in symptoms. Realizing many drug store "natural" products weren't much more than marketing tactics, I threw everything out, determined to find something better for my body (and the planet!)

After much research it seemed nothing would work, so I took charge of my own health and began formulating my first skin cream. Within days, the itchy redness and inflammation vanished. The texture of my skin felt noticeably healthier and I gained a bit of long-lost confidence. That newfound confidence sparked a passion to create products that worked for the skin, rather than against it.

In recent years, I've fed my love of all things natural with certifications in medicinal aromatherapy, herbal + folk medicine and completion of Master Level Reiki. I'm incredibly passionate about holistic health, skincare, herbal medicine and empowering women to live a more joyful, well-intentioned life in harmony and balance with nature.

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