Can you “feel” energy? It’s not a superpower reserved only for a select few. Everyone can do it! In fact you’ve probably done it before, but may not have known.  

Recall if you’ve ever had the uncomfortable feeling that you were being watched. Did you turn around to confirm someone was actually staring at you?  Has the thought of a friend or family member popped into your mind and just a few minutes later they called or texted? Have you ever walked into a room or building and something just felt “off” and didn’t know why? These are only few examples of how we interact with energy every day.  

Energy needs to be in motion. When it’s slowed or stuck, we begin to notice subconsciously. Stuck energy needs to naturally flow to be in balance.  

Is there a room in your house you don’t enjoy? Maybe the laundry, garage, a seldom-used bedroom? Is there clutter? Is it bright and cheery or is it dimly lit without good, fresh air flow? If you said yes to any of these, the chances are there its because of stuck energy.  

So what do we do about it? We smudge! Smudging is often viewed as “woo” or a weird magical practice, but recent scientific studies confirm smudging is a powerful antiseptic practice that can purify air of 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours. 

Smudging neutralizes positive charge and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere (negative ions are good). This means that our own energy, and the energy around us, feels lighter and uplifted. 

Smudging Alternatives

Smudging can be a little messy though, and a potential fire hazard. You or a family member might also be intolerant to smoke. Most apartments and college campuses are also smoke free. 

If you cant use the traditional method, the perfect alternative is to use a smudge spray

This will also purify the air and help your space feel light, bright and peaceful. 

How to Use a Smudge Spray

1- Declare your Intent  Set an intention you want for the room or entire space (to clear previous owners energy, remove negative energy from an argument, etc.)  

2-Mist Smudge Spray Start in the corners of the room your in, spritzing your way to the center point. Move your hand around in the mist to distribute the spray. 

3- Invoke your Intent  After clearing your space, invoke new energy with an intention, prayer, or blessing. You can ask your higher power to bring in peace, love and light, balanced relationships, new beginnings, and more. 

I  recommend using a smudge spray at the start of a new week to clear out the old and make way for the new.  Smudging at the beginning of a new season is also a wonderful way to welcome balanced energy to your home.   For more information on space clearing, or to purchase Sacred Space Smudge Spray click here.